Once you have taken possession of your new home, builders in Ontario are deemed to provide statutory warranty coverage as described in the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and backed by the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Your new home must meet or surpass the structural requirements and health and safety standards of the Ontario Building Code. Your new home is also protected by a mandatory warranty provided by Flato and backed by Tarion Warranty Corporation.

The statutory warranty protection is broad, but it is not all inclusive. The warranty coverage has limitations and exclusions. Home buyers are encouraged to understand the scope of warranty coverage by reading the Homeowner Information Package, which is an important publication created by Tarion, providing a general overview of warranty coverage. Homeowners who are in doubt as to whether an item is covered by the warranty should consult Tarion’s Construction Performance Guidelines which describe many of the most commonly reported warranty service requests and indicate which are covered by the warranty.

Please note that statutory warranty coverage is different from the warranties for items provided by manufacturers, suppliers or contractors (such as appliances or flooring). Claims for these items should be made directly to the product provider.

Homeowners must follow a specific process for making a claim and builders are required to respond within specified timeframes. Submitting your warranty forms on time will ensure you don’t lose your warranty rights. Take note of your 30-Day, One Year, Two Year and Seven Year deadlines so you don’t miss any important dates. The most convenient way to stay on top of your coverage is to register for Tarion’s web-based service, MyHome. This is the easiest way to manage important warranty deadlines, submit forms and keep track of all the correspondence between you and Tarion.