MarkhamReview_041417Markham Review • April 24, 2017 – Shakir Rehmatullah of Flato Developments, a local builder of homes and communities, was recently given recognition for his support of the arts in Markham being named as the Flato Markham Theatre’s first honorary patron.

He has provided financial assistance to the theatre, Varley Art Gallery and other local art initiatives. This is in addition to his support of the Markham Stouffville Hospital and many local sports teams. Rehmatullah signed an agreement with the City of Markham in 2012, giving his company the naming rights to the local theatre, renaming it as the Flato Markham Theatre. Earlier this year, he extended the original 10-year, 1 million naming rights agreement to 20 years with the amount increasing to 2.3 million.

“Shakir Rehmatullah knows all about building communities, close families and strong foundations. A member of our community to whom we owe a great deal,” said Mayor Scarpitti.

Flato Developments has been developing land and building homes for more than 10 years in Markham and the GTA.

Scarpitti added, “Shakir is a man who advocates putting society first —understanding that building communities is much more than just building homes. It’s about making a real difference in the communities where he builds and his philanthropic efforts reflect this deep-rooted sense of responsibility.”

Rehmatullah believes that by supporting local services, the arts, and recreational activities, we can keep our communities active, healthy, and thriving for future generations to enjoy.

Photo: Mayor Frank Scarpitti presents Shakir Rematullah with his theatre honorary plaque.