Community Service

Community Service

We. Build. Better.

We are committed to building and supporting happy, healthy and future-ready communities across Ontario. That’s why we continuously go beyond to invest in and support valuable community resources that elevate the quality of life for all. Recent FLATO charitable initiatives include:

Markham Theatre

FLATO Markham Theatre

As the naming sponsor of the theatre, FLATO has made an additional $125,000 donation to help contribute to the theatre’s post-pandemic restart. Part of this financial contribution will go towards the theatre’s new live broadcast series which will help makes the theatre’s performances more accessible to those who cannot attend in person.

“It is very important to us to contribute to the social and cultural framework of the communities where we build, and we hope to inspire others to step up and contribute as well,” said Shakir Rehmatullah, Founder and President of FLATO Developments.

Fleming College

Fleming College

In April of 2022, FLATO made a record $1.2-million donation to Fleming College, a post-secondary institution based in Peterborough. $720,000 of the funds will go towards the new FLATO Capital Innovation Fund which will ensure the college has equipment that reflects the highest industry standards, better preparing students for their future careers. The other $480,000 will go towards a scholarship program destined for approximately 400 students over the next decade.

“We are grateful for this gift, and we are grateful to find a partner in FLATO which shares our belief in supporting our community,” said Maureen Adamson, President of Fleming College. “This is not just an investment in Fleming College. This is an investment in people, in their hopes and dreams and in their future careers.”

academy theatre

FLATO Academy Theatre Lindsay

FLATO’s investment in arts and culture has also made a show-stopping appearance in the Kawartha Lakes. In an exciting new partnership with Lindsay’s performing arts community, FLATO has secured the naming rights for the theatre over a 15-year agreement that will see $1.375 million invested to support the theatre’s growth and revitalization.

“This investment recognizes the social, cultural and economic benefits of having such an esteemed venue in the community and we are thrilled to be working with Shakir and his team at FLATO,” said Mike Piggott, Board Chairman at the FLATO Academy Theatre Lindsay.

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