Quality Product & Extra Value Features

Flato® is proud of our highly prized residential communities. Our success is built on inspired architectural design, quality and craftsmanship. You can see the difference in features and excellence in every Flato® home, brimming with the highest quality new home essentials along with the most desirable extravagances. Only quality products and finishes have been chosen. Because our buyers deserve only the best!

Decor Center

At Flato® Developments Inc., we want our Clients to feel that they are an integral part of the home building process and that means catering to each family’s sense of style and originality.

At the Flato® Décor Centre, you can add that special personal touch to truly make your home special. From colour selection of brick and stone, to luxury choices for faucets, exotic granite, tiles, and upgraded hardwood, the Flato® Décor Centre is where you can let your creativity flourish.

Individual appointment-only consultations are made with each Client to ensure that the proper attention and focus is given to each and every purchaser. Our one-on-one colour selection consultation is a chance for you to explore the possibilities of your new home and to fill it with the comforts and luxuries that you deserve.

Our Décor Centre is just another way that Flato® Developments Inc. is achieving our ultimate goal – to ensure that every project is an unqualified success and every house becomes the cherished home for each valued family who lives there.